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Furness Bermuda Line: ships’ crew reunited

The crest of the Furness Bermuda Line,  as used on  the ships’ lifeboats.


Ocean Monarch joining Queen of Bermuda in Hamilton harbour, Bermuda c. 1965.                  Photograph: Judi Davidson

Photo: Allan Davidson.


Welcome to Furness Bermuda Line: ships’ crew reunited 

Edition no. 46,

Friday 18 October, 2013


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· In Archives 3, Ered Matthew sends us news of his completed model of Ocean MonarchClick hereIn Archives 10, Stephen Card imagines what it would be like if Cunard re-started Furness Bermuda Line.  Click here.  Also in Archives 10, former deck officer, Andy Herdan, commissions a painting of  Ocean Monarch and Queen of Bermuda and Frederick Pillsbury’s wood panel from Queen of Bermuda moves to Masterworks Museum in Bermuda.  Click hereIn Memories 10, former assistant pursers meet Mr and Mrs ‘Fix-it’ in Florida.  Click here.

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In this update:


1. In Archives 10, former assistant purser, Rod Pattinson, finds a rare photograph of Monarch of Bermuda berthed in Liverpool during WWII.  Also in Archives 10, Stephen Card imagines how it would be if Furness Bermuda Line took over MS Kungsholm, Sir Alan Duddle, former Snr. Assistant Purser, lets us see his newly commissioned model of Queen of Bermuda, and Tony Roberts shows us his collection of model ships. Click here

2. Can You Help? includes a request for information from the granddaughter of  Sidney Earl Lewis, a fireman, also known as Soda Pop. Click here

3. In the next update, we hope to provide information about a Grand Reunion late next year in the UK.

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Invitation to former Furness Bermuda Line crew members


The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club is to host an official opening of a permanent exhibit of Queen of Bermuda and her ship’s wheel on Monday 28 October at 17.30 hours.  There will be refreshments and a full cash bar. 

Paul Doughty (left) tells us “The Governor of Bermuda, The Hon. George Fergusson will be attending and it is my hope that the Deputy Premier of Bermuda, The Hon. Michael Dunkley, will also attend.”